10 Tips to kicking off a Strong Business

Welcome to Avon!  Congratulations on starting your very own beauty business!

Below you will find 10 simple and easy things to do that will help you kick your business off STRONG!

  1. Now that you have officially joined Avon:  Register as a first time user at http://www.youravon.com with you new account number and create your own password.  This is where you will conduct all of your business!

log in2. Immediately contact your Avon Mentor!  This will be shared with you in the welcome email Avon automatically sends when you sign up as an Avon Representative! You have been assigned a personal mentor to coach you through starting and continuously building a strong lucrative business!  Stay in close contact with your mentor, find them on Facebook! It will also be listed on http://www.youravon.com under important info on your home screen log in page at the bottom right hand corner!

important info3. Navigate the site!  You cannot hurt anything!  Do your research! Clicking around the http://www.youravon.com site will help you better understand and find things!  We learn by research and doing!

navigation bar4. Check out your “Profile” on the top right corner of the page.  Be sure and enroll in the direct deposit program for quick and easy payments immediately as you build your online customer base and leadership team!  Direct deposit is the BEST! Enroll in the Avon customer referral program as well! Avon customer referral program helps you build your business!

profile enroll5.  Be sure and check out the Avon U tab!  Easy learning on your own time!  Before work, after work, on lunch, during nap time, bed time… that is the best part you can learn at a time that is most convenient for you!  Earn badges as you complete the courses!  Avon U gives you an all inclusive learning experience as new products launch and as new incentives and programs launch!


6. Check out the Avon Social tab! A one stop shop to sharing beautifully crafted advertisements, tutorials, and marketing posts and videos on all your social media networks!  You can even schedule post for an entire month to automatically post on your behalf!  Great for when you are out of town or working throughout the day!  The work is done for you! Start Sharing!  

avon social.PNG

7. Locate and Share your website all over social media, through text, email, and via phone!  Find your website address under web office on http://www.youravon.com.  It is also located at the top right corner of the web page on http://www.youravon.com.  Track your online order as well!  Located directly under your online store url under web office.

web office 2


8. Check out the Campaign Central Tab! Here you will find promotional short videos from our Avon Corporate Offices all about upcoming campaigns and the feature products to come!   They offer training and “words to use” when selling and building your business!

camp central.PNG

9. Personalize and edit the layout of your estore under web office!  You can upload your picture on your website and link your social media networks right here!!  Check it out!

online edit store.PNG

10.  VERY IMPORTANT! Start your Who do You know List! A strong business is built on a strong customer base and team!  Grab a piece of paper and write down MINIMUM 100 NAMES!  Yes, push yourself!  You would be surprised who you know!  Think about where you go on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, who do you see?  What groups, clubs, organizations are you a member of or attend?  Dentist, pediatrician, sitter, groomer, hair stylist, best friend, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc..  Even if you don’t know their name, “Cashier at Walmart” this is your list, as long as you know who they are that is all that matters!  This is the foundation of your business!  Identify people on your list that you will share your estore address with (out of state), identify who you will deliver brochures too, identify who works in a busy office and could take 5-10 of your books into work and collect orders for you (offer them an incentive ex: discount, or free products) these people are your helpers!  Identify whom has a child going to college, a vacation goal, a wedding coming, works three jobs, wants to stay home full time, these are all potential new team members to offer the Avon opportunity to and start building your team!  We not only offer products, we offer an opportunity to earn an additional or full time income!  

mem joggerFOLLOW UP!  The most important thing you can do at any stage in your business!  A list of names, and goals is no good with out the follow up or follow through!  Now that you have identified your new customers, and team members, REACH OUT!  Follow up two days before the order goes in (2 days before is best in case you do not reach everyone, it gives you an extra day to reach them)!

Stay connected to your mentor!

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