Beauty from the inside out!

Hey friends!

We all know a great highlighter is always a fabulous addition to any beauty routine…. but what if you could enhance your “Glow” with an all natural #HealthandWellness product like Espira! Too often we focus only on adding makeup to a neglected canvas… Are you truly caring for your skin? Do you know what it means to take care of your skin? Let me help you! Beyond amazing #beautyproducts it is so important to 1. have a skin care regimen (beauty from the outside in). Start with a cleanser that is best fit to your skin type, and lifestyle! My go to : ANEW Clean #Refining Daily Scrub! Then identify your areas of concern… Sun spots? Fine lines and #Wrinkles? sagging skin around the jaw line? Deep set wrinkles? Dullness? Loss of firmness? This is where you will identify your targeted treatment, like a serum! My go to… ANEW Vitamin C #BrighteningSerum, and ANEW Power Serum! Then identify the best moisturizer again for your skin type and lifestyle both Am and PM! My go to: AM: ANEW #Vitale Day Cream, and PM: ANEW Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Créme! The skin around your eyes is the most delicate! Do not neglect this area! Fight the crows feet! Always have an eye cream! My favorite: ANEW #Clinical #EyeLift Pro Dual Eye System!

Let’s take it up a notch and treat our skin with “#Beauty from the inside out!” Your lifestyle may also be aging you! Are you getting enough #vitamins and minerals? Daily Essentials? Hydration (more water and less caffeinated beverages)? Restful sleep? Check out my favorite Health and Wellness Line, the all natural #Espira! My go to for my beauty routine: Espira Beauty Inside & Out System, Espira #Women’s Daily Essentials, and Espira #Restful Sleep! Check it all out on my website, and enjoy 10% off your first order with code WELCOME10! ❤

Browse all Espira Health and Wellness products here!


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