AVON-The Perfect “Gig” for a Busy Mom!

Hey moms ….. of all ages! 

I totally get it you are crazy at every moment.  Bath time is atrocious, dinner time is straight chaos, eating vegetables is a battle, there is sticky fingers on every window and door.  You cannot finish a single blasted thought, email, task, phone call, or text, much less take a bath, shower or “use the bathroom” in peace.

Working is an emotional roller coaster, you hate leaving the kids with anyone else, its expensive, you worry the entire time.  You are never fully present anywhere you go.  You love your career but it feels like a trade off at every milestone…

I get it, a day in the life of a mama!  A working mama inside or outside of the home!

I have been both… Although I loved everything about my corporate career and the growth that came from it, when it was time to leave I knew it wholeheartedly.  Does that mean I wasn’t scared? No.  

We all go into things with some level of fear or apprehension.  The difference in my opinion in those who make it happen and those who don’t is their level of hunger.  Skill can be learned, knowledge or education in a certain field can be obtained …. but hunger is different. 

When I found out I was pregnant with my second son, Elijah, I was at the peak of my career working in Manhattan, New York, my favorite city.  I was torn with excitement, worry for my first son, not sure how he would feel, fear of slowing down in my career, and pure joy.  There was so many unknowns.  All I did know was things were going to change, and in a big way.

Fast forward to today, this very moment.  I am working from my home office, or migrating around the house with my laptop, or phone running my Avon business full time.  I have a team of about 200 Representatives and growing every day! I get to work with the best beauty products in the world, in my opinion, and spend my days inspiring and elevating other women and men.  In my business I see families changed just like mine everyday, and I see people growing and elevating in life personally and professionally all day long.  

 The things I appreciate most about my business are:

  1. The FREEDOM in my Schedule. 
    1. I have never missed a school function, Dr. appointment, dentist, or emergency with my children.  I never have to scramble when there is a snow day, vacation, or break from school etc. 
    2. I am available to my family… and my horses LOL as they too are a full time job! 
    3. If I want to meet my husband or a friend for lunch I can do that.  If I want a day off I can take it!  …. You get the point, I make the schedule to fit my life!
  2. Give Myself a PAY RAISE!
    1. When I am ready to make more money, I simply decide I want to make more money.  I then put in the work and time required to achieve my next goal. With Avon you have mentors that also help you map out and achieve your goals!
  3. TRAVEL!
    1. I have been to, Orlando, Cancun, Mexico, Atlanta, Vegas, Maui,  Pittsburgh, NYC, Texas, a cruise to Bermuda, and more with my business.  Most of these trips were all expense paid trips. This year I am headed to Los Cabos, Mexico, and Jamaica in 2020.  As I grow my business I choose places I’d like to see, put them in my calendar, plan an opportunity event and connections with my team in that area, and simply go.  
  4. OPPORTUNITIES Everywhere!
    1. Everywhere I go, everyone I see whether on social media or face to face is a potential new customer or business partner!  
  5. INNOVATIVE Necessary Products!
    1. Everyone has skin, Avon products are things people need daily, body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, health and wellness, skin care, makeup, etc.. Therefore as long as I nurture relationships with people, I will always have business!  
  6. LIMITLESS Income Opportunities!
    1. With Avon there is no cap to how much money, you can earn.  You literally can earn as much as you want! Hard work and determination will inevitably get you there!  The best part…. you have mentors and support along the way from your team of mentors, as well as on the corporate level. 
    1. With Avon you are not required to carry inventory!  You can of course if you choose to, but you do not have to!  Which means many things….. I can move at any time and my business will not only carry on, but more than likely grow even bigger as I meet new people! I am my own business tool, therefore where I go my business goes!  I have no building, no crazy storage, no crazy commitment, just me and WiFi! 
    1. As an Avon Representative you are granted a FREE E-store for customers to shop 24/7 with you!  You can choose to run your business completely online, face to face, or a combination of the two!  
  9. COMMUNITY Outreach!
    1. As an Avon Representative you can offer different clubs, organizations, or simply someone in need an option to fund-raise!  You can offer fundraisers fully online, or with fliers!
  10. My favorite part… FREEDOM to be Your Own CREATIVE BRAND!
    1. As an Avon Representative you are most successful when you are authentically you, whether on social media, or in person.  As a crazy, millennial mother of two wild little boys, I spend most of my days feeling like a crazy hot mess.  What I have found is …. as I share my journey as a “Mompreneur” building her business from home, my business inherently grows.  People relate to me as a normal mother, and they enjoy my stories.  Which in turn nurtures business and customer relationships that last a lifetime! 



Quite honestly there are so many amazing things about this business, it is nearly impossible to list them all.  My hope here is that this reflection has resonated with you in some way, or sparked something in you!  

As always thank you for being here! (I am slowly losing control in my house as I am finishing this post….. my boys are quickly unraveling and planning a revolt)! 



If you too would like to manage your own schedule, you can join my team by CLICKING HERE!

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