Best Winter Skin Care and Protectant for your Beautiful Face!

Hi friends!

This chilly, unforgiving winter weather inspired me to write this beauty and skin care tip post for each of you!

So share with me…..What’s the temperature ❄️  where you are?  Here in upstate New York it has been bone chilling, negative degrees.  A wind chill of even -30!  Can you believe it!  Where are all of my readers from?

I can not stress the importance of skin care especially battling these type of weather conditions! One of my favorites, especially for sensitive skin and super dry skin types, is Avon Anew Clinical Skinvincible!


Protect your skin from these bone chilling winter months friends! The winter is worse on your skin in most cases than the summer! A great moisturizer 🧴 for the freezing, dry and cracking winter 🥶 months is Avon Anew skinvincible deep recovery cream ❄️ it’s SPF 50 and protects from environmental damages like wind, pollutants, and sun ☀️ it’s Smart Repair Technology means this night cream was designed to counter the effects of aging by fixing damage accumulated throughout the years from the environment! 🤸‍♀️see link below for details! 

Check out this life skin saving moisturizer and protector HERE!


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