Best Winter Skin Care and Protectant for your Beautiful Face!

Hi friends!

This chilly, unforgiving winter weather inspired me to write this beauty and skin care tip post for each of you!

So share with me…..What’s the temperature ❄️  where you are?  Here in upstate New York it has been bone chilling, negative degrees.  A wind chill of even -30!  Can you believe it!  Where are all of my readers from?

I can not stress the importance of skin care especially battling these type of weather conditions! One of my favorites, especially for sensitive skin and super dry skin types, is Avon Anew Clinical Skinvincible!


Protect your skin from these bone chilling winter months friends! The winter is worse on your skin in most cases than the summer! A great moisturizer 🧴 for the freezing, dry and cracking winter 🥶 months is Avon Anew skinvincible deep recovery cream ❄️ it’s SPF 50 and protects from environmental damages like wind, pollutants, and sun ☀️ it’s Smart Repair Technology means this night cream was designed to counter the effects of aging by fixing damage accumulated throughout the years from the environment! 🤸‍♀️see link below for details! 

Check out this life skin saving moisturizer and protector HERE!


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FREE Love at First Lash Mascara 💋

Hello beautiful! 🥰

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Mentoring Matters. This One is for my Team: Team Perseverance!

Hello my friends!  As always, I thank you for being here!  This post was inspired by a few things.  First of all this week was “Close out” week for campaign 18.  As a Sales Leadership coach of a fairly large team, that is continually growing, and advancing leadership, this week was …….. to say the least ……. CRAZY… in the BEST KIND OF WAY!  There is something about making your own way, building your own salary, your own source of income, and coaching others to do the same, that you cannot get from any employer.  It is a feeling I cannot describe, all I can say is that it is …. invigorating!  But… like anything worth having… it doesn’t come easy.  So please don’t mistake success with the easy road, because it takes dedication, great mentor-ship, humility, resiliency, enthusiasm, passion, rigor, drive, dedication, discipline, determination, and Perseverance!

This week cam off the tail end of last weeks craziness as a mompreneur!

Reflected on in this post: Freedom as an Entrepreneurial Mom!

If you are not familiar with the life-cycle or daily routine as an Avon Representative or a Sales Leadership Coach in this business, let me briefly paint this picture for you!

Every two weeks my team and I place campaign orders for our customers.  So throughout the week we are “campaigning” the current brochures, and promoting the upcoming brochures to secure future campaign success!

As a sales leader, you are mentoring your team to do the same, daily.  You are continuously coaching your team, and empowering sales leaders to become independent, forward thinking, inspirational, and empowered mentors to their teams!

It is an entirely different ball game creating leaders, to lead their team independently of you!

My days are filled with 1:1 coaching calls, team gatherings, sales strategy webinars, marketing videos, social media posting and blogging, doing recognition, connecting on old and new accounts, motivating and strategizing with current and upcoming sales leaders, goal setting, course correcting, and so much more.

A large part of my day is spent inspiring and resetting mindsets that have fallen into a rut.

In order to continue giving to my team, I too must continue growing and learning.  Therefore, throughout my daily journey I stay connected to great mentors, and closest friends on similar or higher paths in this business!

Overall creating and driving momentum every single day!  One of the hardest things to build in any business!

The common theme within all of that is, building relationships.  

Knowing your team is the most critical part of your business as a mentor!   You must know what makes them tick, what inspires them, why they came to this business, why they are still here, what motivates them (it is NOT always money), what deflates them, what distracts them, how they learn, how they don’t learn, what their barriers are (despite what THEY say their barriers are, sometimes they cannot see them).

Knowing these things is the key to motivating your team, and the pathway to achieving THEIR goals.

You cannot make this business all about you.  When they win, you win! It is simple.

To be honest the majority of my coaching connections, especially 1:1 contacts consist of listening, and promoting self discovery.  Listening to my team share their stories and struggles, and coaching them through the personal things that are holding them back.

Taking those chains and turning them into fuel.

If you think you can simply slap business strategies, calendar management, and statistics in front of someone who has no self belief, to motivate them and grow a huge business, you are mistaken.  You have to meet people where they’re at, to take them where THEY want to go. 

Often it takes coaching to help them realize first….. where they are now and how they got there.  Understanding this…. is what helps identify and illustrate the path they don’t want to travel again, and the path they need to go down to achieve what they came here for.

Then you can talk business.… put a plan into action.  Step by step with realistic, attainable, measurable goals……. and my favorite ….. a few good stretch goals to help motivate, and prove to them what I know they are capable of.  Prove to them what you see in them…. it’s a great feeling when they start to see it.

Give them confidence to leave the nest!  

The culture you create on your team, starts and ends with you.  Good or bad, you set the culture, always remember that.  We are not successful or unsuccessful because of other people, we decide, create, and nurture that.

OK so lets get to the point here….. I wanted to share this hysterical photo below….. it is a photo my husband took of me after the 5 PM EST final close out.

Quite honestly I could say nothing here and completely let the photo do the talking. ….. but … if you know me you know lack of words is not my strength…. so I am going to share with you some details on this day!  LOL

Mompreneur     f59a1536-eed2-49da-b960-4ea43df2ab7c.jpeg

Well…. here I am in all my glory, exhausted on my office floor, literally it was 8 PM EST in this photo, still in my pajamas, unglamified, unattractive, unfiltered, hair unbrushed, and UNBOTHERED by it all, LOL!

Team Perseverance…… with every doubtful call you made to me this week…… you all surpassed your goals…… yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

I am so honored to be your mentor, and so proud of you for everything you have done, and all I know you can and will do!  Cheers to a killer close out in 2018, and an amazing kick off to 2019!  This is what your “Famous” “Glamorous” mentor looks like when you are done with me!

….. and I love it!

Thank you for being a part of my dream life!  I am not the only coach here, you all give me so much to dream for!  I love you all so much!  I’ll see you all at the top! I have no doubt! 

So much love.

Your mentor ,

Carly ❤

Avon Fashion Line: Palm Chic 2018

The #party 🎊 almost flopped but then the “Heather Jumpsuit” from the #palmchic #avonfashion signature collection …… and to make things even #sassier #Heather had #pockets and a #cinchedwaist …… #stop it right now heather …. you’ve #stolentheshow

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Click Here to view the Kristen Know Dress! Purchase for Only $29.99!

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AVON 3 Wick Spring Candle Collection


Good afternoon all!

Happy Friday! What a week it has been! All I can say is everyday is a blessing, and we should not take any one moment for granted!

That said right now….. I just want to be in my home with my family….

My home is my favorite place to be. It is where I find peace, and the most love. So naturally decorating and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is very important to me!

I have neglected to share Avon’s amazing home line! The 3 wick candles are phenomenal, they have truly brought spring into my home!

It is like walking into a fresh spring hug on a sunny Sunday morning!

I am burning Southern Magnolia, and Dahlia Blush in my kitchen, as well as, diffusing Southern Magnolia in my home office!

Check out the Candles I am using in my home!

Definitely, take a look, a great gift for Mothers Day!

Here is the Direct Link to Avon’s Spring Candle Collection!


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Avon-Seaside Gardens Michelle Boat Neck Tee-Floral

Doesn’t get any #springier than this! This is such a#versatile top! #Avon #Seasidegarden #collection is#fabulous .. I love the bright colors and variety. For an #entrepreneurial #mother on the run 🏃🏽‍♀️ 24/7#avonfashion makes it easy to look #fashionableand cute while still #juggling so many things at once … love that I can #dress it up or down …. patterns are amazing because of all the colors within the#design … you can pair almost any color jewelry with it! Generally if the #pattern is busy enough you don’t even need a #necklace!

Find it on my estore: (only $19.99) or message me directly for your order!


Networking-Build Your Customer Base With These Small Daily Changes!

Hello gorgeous~

As I grow my amazing team daily, I find that each new Representative needs different things on their way to success.

Different things motivate and inspire people, just like finding new customers.

I put together a short video on how to make a few small changes in your daily routine, to build a strong customer base and lead bank to build your team!