Best Winter Skin Care and Protectant for your Beautiful Face!

Hi friends!

This chilly, unforgiving winter weather inspired me to write this beauty and skin care tip post for each of you!

So share with me…..What’s the temperature ❄️  where you are?  Here in upstate New York it has been bone chilling, negative degrees.  A wind chill of even -30!  Can you believe it!  Where are all of my readers from?

I can not stress the importance of skin care especially battling these type of weather conditions! One of my favorites, especially for sensitive skin and super dry skin types, is Avon Anew Clinical Skinvincible!


Protect your skin from these bone chilling winter months friends! The winter is worse on your skin in most cases than the summer! A great moisturizer 🧴 for the freezing, dry and cracking winter 🥶 months is Avon Anew skinvincible deep recovery cream ❄️ it’s SPF 50 and protects from environmental damages like wind, pollutants, and sun ☀️ it’s Smart Repair Technology means this night cream was designed to counter the effects of aging by fixing damage accumulated throughout the years from the environment! 🤸‍♀️see link below for details! 

Check out this life skin saving moisturizer and protector HERE!


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FREE Love at First Lash Mascara 💋

Hello beautiful! 🥰

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#1 Look Alive Eye Cream by Marie Claire Magazine


Hey friends!  

I had to share this “Life Changing Eye Cream!”  I am so proud to announce the Marie Claire Magazine has voted New Avon’s brand new Hydrafusion De-puffing Eye Serum #1 Look alive eye cream!  Yes #1!  How amazing is that!  

Although I am certainly not surprised, here is why! 

I adore the application.  The tip of the applicator is ceramic which remains cool in temperature.  The coolness feels great under my sleepy eyes and help with the puffiness!  A great way to start your day!

The cream itself is so light I can barely feel it!

Check out the LINK HERE to give it a try!  Enter code WELCOME10 and receive 10% off your entire order!

Directly from my website:

“This is what your skin has been thirsting for—Anew Hydra Fusion, the collection of skin care that both hydrates AND defends. A revolutionary combo of power-packed ingredients infuses skin with instant*, deep and lasting hydration + defends it from environmental stressors. 

The fast-absorbing eye serum instantly helps de-puff and hydrate the delicate under-eye area while reducing the appearance of bags and fine, dry lines. .5 fl. oz.


• Contains hyaluronic acid, a super hydrator naturally found in skin and lost over time that holds more than 1,000 times its weight in water so skin looks smooth, refreshed and vibrant
• Contains raspberry antioxidant, a potent ingredient that helps defend skin from environmental stressors to keep skin looking healthy and glowing
• Formulated with caffeine
• The ceramic applicator tip cools** for an instant refreshing feeling
• Oil-free
• Hypoallergenic
• Dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested

Gently massage a small amount under the eye area (in AM/PM and as needed) and smooth in until absorbed.

Made in USA

*Clinical results after 15 minutes, with use of Replenishing Serum.
** Product can be stored in the refrigerator for even more of a cooling effect.”

Freedom as an Entrepreneurial Mom

Hey moms~

I was inspired to share this blog post following a few hardships this week as a mama!  I quickly recognized the blessing and the beauty in the freedom I have on so many levels as a mother in business.  Yes, it is true you can experience joy in hardship, if you choose to see it the blessing in it.

Late July I went to my National Convention with my company, New Avon LLC.  It was a whirlwind of amazing experiences, and unforgettable memories.  One moment I was on stage (the biggest stage I’d ever been on, even as a competitive dancer who spent many years on stage) with some major industry experts.  What a huge honor.

38391849_1905152766174416_6715812379596161024_n (1).jpg


The next minute I was in a huge audience graced with thousands of brilliant business owners.


Then shaking hands and speaking with Barbara Corcoran, or taking selfies and chatting backstage with Rascall Flatts!


Then backstage with the fashion models before we took the stage, modeling the new Holiday line up!


Honestly, there were so many incredible experiences I could never share them all.

My point in sharing this with you is to illustrate the true life of a mother as an entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry! 

After so much inspiration and excitement, I drove 9 hours home.

When I arrived home everyone was waiting for me, at yes midnight.  Gabriel, my 6 year old, Elijah, my 2 year old, and my husband, Justin.  We exchanged many hugs and kisses, and all went to bed.  The next morning we were at the doctor with Elijah, who had turned very ill.

Long story short…. I was bandaging and re bandaging day in and day out with a 2 year old.  I accentuate 2 year old here because if you’ve ever dealt with bandaging or bathing a two year old…. it is quite eventful, similar to wrestling a head strong goat.  LOL Trying to keep him from reopening the bandage and making the situation worse…. good luck reasoning with a 2 year old who doesn’t understand, its best to let it be…..

This went on for about two weeks, administering medicine religiously throughout the day!

Meanwhile, my 6 year old had to stay overnight in the children’s hospital for further testing, with my husband.  So of course we are running around at the wee hours of the day and night.

Among all this….. still doing 1:! with my team, group meetings, sales events, customer outreach, and deliveries, management of all social media platforms, marketing, and advertising, etc..

Let’s not even discuss, the laundry, grocery situation, meals, extra curricular activities, my husbands schedule, the two dogs (1 being a puppy still training), and definitely let’s not talk about the overall state of the house!  Wait did I even mention self care?  Did I even shower those two weeks?  Hmmm it’s a blur!

With so much turmoil going on around me I remember sitting on my front porch late one night with a glass of white wine just trying to breath.  That is when I realized how blessed I truly was.

I reflected on a time when I was driving 6 hours to, and 6 hours from every week into Manhattan for a career I loved so much, it was a dream of mine, but sobbing as I drove away every Sunday night. I thought, what if I was still in that role, who would have nursed Elijah back to health and ran Gabriel back and forth to all his highly important appointments?  What would I have done?  Would my boss allow me the time?  Could I have juggled this with work?  Would I have been fired?  Will this effect my performance bonus?  Which in turn would have effected my family?  How would I have gotten through this had I not had my own home based business?

I am so blessed to have the freedom in my business and personal life to manage my own business around what matters most to me, my family.  I can have setbacks in business, but certainly that is easier to swallow than hardships in my family that I would have been unable to tend to working for someone else.

I remember making one of the hardest decisions of my life, walking away from my so loved career, to take a leap of faith and build my own empire.  Although I was scared, although I was nervous, I truly never had doubt.

I chose my faith over my fear, and remembered the strongest girl I know, me.  I remembered what I was capable of, and I WENT FOR IT.

So the images below illustrate the rue mama working her business from home, that same dolled up model you saw grace the stage…. LOL #hotmess

To experience the same freedom, CLICK HERE!




Best Lip Gloss Ever

Hey friends!

In celebration of all things beautiful I had to share this amazing Lip Glow, recently launched by Avon!

What I lovTrying every shade …. but definitely #celebrating this #shade of #avontruecolor #lipglow in shade Estrella the perfect shade

Shop all Lip Glow Shades Here!


Who says #oliveskintones can’t wear peach 🍑 or #lightpink shades of #lipgloss 💋 wasn’t sure about this one ☝️ because of the darker #undertones in my #skin but I was so surprised when it glided on so #gorgeously 🏆 loving #avonturecolor Lip glow in shade #socialight 💄👄#trynewthings #makeup #lipgloss #avon #beautybloggers #entrepreneur


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The Relationships Built In Network Marketing

I was so inspired today I had to write this post…

#Networkmarketing is not solely about selling a product….

Days like today and so many are about creating and nurturing #genuinerelationships. It’s about genuinely caring about the person in front of you and finding out who they are, what motivates them, what their passions are, what makes them tick, what their favorite things in life are, and and so much more. It is a #relationship business, It is not about lipstick 💄

The sales will come once the relationships are formed…..

If it wasn’t for my business, and independent #AvonRepresentative none of what I am about to share with you would be possible.

Here in #bermuda I met some amazing #women and men in my #business that I would never have met without being in this business.

By taking a genuine interest in the women I spent time with today I learned the following.

From left to right:

My sweet friend Ann Fritz is an amazing mother of twins! A boy and a girl and her absolute best friend of twenty years brought her into this business. Anne has achieved so much in life and in her business! She is also clearly more coordinated and athletic than any of us! #supermom

Tara L Erwin-Grna is truly One of the kindest women I have ever met! We shared some amazing stories that I will forever carry with me! What an amazing, strong, resilient person you are Tara! She is a #Zumba instructor, and always lights up the room!

Natasha Lightner is the worlds tiniest dynamite…. She is a tough little lady, and one heck of a business women! I found out she has a soft side lol she is as warm as they come…..She also has two beautiful boys just like me!

Then there’s me …. which you all know 😁

What we share In common is that we all came from #corporate America. We are women, friends, mothers, wives and #entrepreneurs trying to build our own #empire.

We love the #freedom and #independence our business has given us!

My favorite part of these photos….. they show #sisterhood, unity, and above all leadership.

Leadership is not a title, it’s not how much money you make or how many trophies 🏆 you have #leadership is a way of life, and who you are from the inside out.

We must always be cognoscente of how we impact those we encounter.

Be #happy, be #proud for others when they are winning, and lift them up when they are down. #Empower those that can’t seem to find the #potential you so vividly see in them. #Inspire those that are stuck. Role model #strength when people and things come in their path……

Be kind, be #constructive, be just enough tough and gentle to drive #momentum. Light the fire 🔥 within them not under them…..#Lead…….


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