AVON-The Perfect “Gig” for a Busy Mom!

Hey moms ….. of all ages! 

I totally get it you are crazy at every moment.  Bath time is atrocious, dinner time is straight chaos, eating vegetables is a battle, there is sticky fingers on every window and door.  You cannot finish a single blasted thought, email, task, phone call, or text, much less take a bath, shower or “use the bathroom” in peace.

Working is an emotional roller coaster, you hate leaving the kids with anyone else, its expensive, you worry the entire time.  You are never fully present anywhere you go.  You love your career but it feels like a trade off at every milestone…

I get it, a day in the life of a mama!  A working mama inside or outside of the home!

I have been both… Although I loved everything about my corporate career and the growth that came from it, when it was time to leave I knew it wholeheartedly.  Does that mean I wasn’t scared? No.  

We all go into things with some level of fear or apprehension.  The difference in my opinion in those who make it happen and those who don’t is their level of hunger.  Skill can be learned, knowledge or education in a certain field can be obtained …. but hunger is different. 

When I found out I was pregnant with my second son, Elijah, I was at the peak of my career working in Manhattan, New York, my favorite city.  I was torn with excitement, worry for my first son, not sure how he would feel, fear of slowing down in my career, and pure joy.  There was so many unknowns.  All I did know was things were going to change, and in a big way.

Fast forward to today, this very moment.  I am working from my home office, or migrating around the house with my laptop, or phone running my Avon business full time.  I have a team of about 200 Representatives and growing every day! I get to work with the best beauty products in the world, in my opinion, and spend my days inspiring and elevating other women and men.  In my business I see families changed just like mine everyday, and I see people growing and elevating in life personally and professionally all day long.  

 The things I appreciate most about my business are:

  1. The FREEDOM in my Schedule. 
    1. I have never missed a school function, Dr. appointment, dentist, or emergency with my children.  I never have to scramble when there is a snow day, vacation, or break from school etc. 
    2. I am available to my family… and my horses LOL as they too are a full time job! 
    3. If I want to meet my husband or a friend for lunch I can do that.  If I want a day off I can take it!  …. You get the point, I make the schedule to fit my life!
  2. Give Myself a PAY RAISE!
    1. When I am ready to make more money, I simply decide I want to make more money.  I then put in the work and time required to achieve my next goal. With Avon you have mentors that also help you map out and achieve your goals!
  3. TRAVEL!
    1. I have been to, Orlando, Cancun, Mexico, Atlanta, Vegas, Maui,  Pittsburgh, NYC, Texas, a cruise to Bermuda, and more with my business.  Most of these trips were all expense paid trips. This year I am headed to Los Cabos, Mexico, and Jamaica in 2020.  As I grow my business I choose places I’d like to see, put them in my calendar, plan an opportunity event and connections with my team in that area, and simply go.  
  4. OPPORTUNITIES Everywhere!
    1. Everywhere I go, everyone I see whether on social media or face to face is a potential new customer or business partner!  
  5. INNOVATIVE Necessary Products!
    1. Everyone has skin, Avon products are things people need daily, body wash, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, health and wellness, skin care, makeup, etc.. Therefore as long as I nurture relationships with people, I will always have business!  
  6. LIMITLESS Income Opportunities!
    1. With Avon there is no cap to how much money, you can earn.  You literally can earn as much as you want! Hard work and determination will inevitably get you there!  The best part…. you have mentors and support along the way from your team of mentors, as well as on the corporate level. 
    1. With Avon you are not required to carry inventory!  You can of course if you choose to, but you do not have to!  Which means many things….. I can move at any time and my business will not only carry on, but more than likely grow even bigger as I meet new people! I am my own business tool, therefore where I go my business goes!  I have no building, no crazy storage, no crazy commitment, just me and WiFi! 
    1. As an Avon Representative you are granted a FREE E-store for customers to shop 24/7 with you!  You can choose to run your business completely online, face to face, or a combination of the two!  
  9. COMMUNITY Outreach!
    1. As an Avon Representative you can offer different clubs, organizations, or simply someone in need an option to fund-raise!  You can offer fundraisers fully online, or with fliers!
  10. My favorite part… FREEDOM to be Your Own CREATIVE BRAND!
    1. As an Avon Representative you are most successful when you are authentically you, whether on social media, or in person.  As a crazy, millennial mother of two wild little boys, I spend most of my days feeling like a crazy hot mess.  What I have found is …. as I share my journey as a “Mompreneur” building her business from home, my business inherently grows.  People relate to me as a normal mother, and they enjoy my stories.  Which in turn nurtures business and customer relationships that last a lifetime! 



Quite honestly there are so many amazing things about this business, it is nearly impossible to list them all.  My hope here is that this reflection has resonated with you in some way, or sparked something in you!  

As always thank you for being here! (I am slowly losing control in my house as I am finishing this post….. my boys are quickly unraveling and planning a revolt)! 



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Mentoring Matters. This One is for my Team: Team Perseverance!

Hello my friends!  As always, I thank you for being here!  This post was inspired by a few things.  First of all this week was “Close out” week for campaign 18.  As a Sales Leadership coach of a fairly large team, that is continually growing, and advancing leadership, this week was …….. to say the least ……. CRAZY… in the BEST KIND OF WAY!  There is something about making your own way, building your own salary, your own source of income, and coaching others to do the same, that you cannot get from any employer.  It is a feeling I cannot describe, all I can say is that it is …. invigorating!  But… like anything worth having… it doesn’t come easy.  So please don’t mistake success with the easy road, because it takes dedication, great mentor-ship, humility, resiliency, enthusiasm, passion, rigor, drive, dedication, discipline, determination, and Perseverance!

This week cam off the tail end of last weeks craziness as a mompreneur!

Reflected on in this post: Freedom as an Entrepreneurial Mom!

If you are not familiar with the life-cycle or daily routine as an Avon Representative or a Sales Leadership Coach in this business, let me briefly paint this picture for you!

Every two weeks my team and I place campaign orders for our customers.  So throughout the week we are “campaigning” the current brochures, and promoting the upcoming brochures to secure future campaign success!

As a sales leader, you are mentoring your team to do the same, daily.  You are continuously coaching your team, and empowering sales leaders to become independent, forward thinking, inspirational, and empowered mentors to their teams!

It is an entirely different ball game creating leaders, to lead their team independently of you!

My days are filled with 1:1 coaching calls, team gatherings, sales strategy webinars, marketing videos, social media posting and blogging, doing recognition, connecting on old and new accounts, motivating and strategizing with current and upcoming sales leaders, goal setting, course correcting, and so much more.

A large part of my day is spent inspiring and resetting mindsets that have fallen into a rut.

In order to continue giving to my team, I too must continue growing and learning.  Therefore, throughout my daily journey I stay connected to great mentors, and closest friends on similar or higher paths in this business!

Overall creating and driving momentum every single day!  One of the hardest things to build in any business!

The common theme within all of that is, building relationships.  

Knowing your team is the most critical part of your business as a mentor!   You must know what makes them tick, what inspires them, why they came to this business, why they are still here, what motivates them (it is NOT always money), what deflates them, what distracts them, how they learn, how they don’t learn, what their barriers are (despite what THEY say their barriers are, sometimes they cannot see them).

Knowing these things is the key to motivating your team, and the pathway to achieving THEIR goals.

You cannot make this business all about you.  When they win, you win! It is simple.

To be honest the majority of my coaching connections, especially 1:1 contacts consist of listening, and promoting self discovery.  Listening to my team share their stories and struggles, and coaching them through the personal things that are holding them back.

Taking those chains and turning them into fuel.

If you think you can simply slap business strategies, calendar management, and statistics in front of someone who has no self belief, to motivate them and grow a huge business, you are mistaken.  You have to meet people where they’re at, to take them where THEY want to go. 

Often it takes coaching to help them realize first….. where they are now and how they got there.  Understanding this…. is what helps identify and illustrate the path they don’t want to travel again, and the path they need to go down to achieve what they came here for.

Then you can talk business.… put a plan into action.  Step by step with realistic, attainable, measurable goals……. and my favorite ….. a few good stretch goals to help motivate, and prove to them what I know they are capable of.  Prove to them what you see in them…. it’s a great feeling when they start to see it.

Give them confidence to leave the nest!  

The culture you create on your team, starts and ends with you.  Good or bad, you set the culture, always remember that.  We are not successful or unsuccessful because of other people, we decide, create, and nurture that.

OK so lets get to the point here….. I wanted to share this hysterical photo below….. it is a photo my husband took of me after the 5 PM EST final close out.

Quite honestly I could say nothing here and completely let the photo do the talking. ….. but … if you know me you know lack of words is not my strength…. so I am going to share with you some details on this day!  LOL

Mompreneur     f59a1536-eed2-49da-b960-4ea43df2ab7c.jpeg

Well…. here I am in all my glory, exhausted on my office floor, literally it was 8 PM EST in this photo, still in my pajamas, unglamified, unattractive, unfiltered, hair unbrushed, and UNBOTHERED by it all, LOL!

Team Perseverance…… with every doubtful call you made to me this week…… you all surpassed your goals…… yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

I am so honored to be your mentor, and so proud of you for everything you have done, and all I know you can and will do!  Cheers to a killer close out in 2018, and an amazing kick off to 2019!  This is what your “Famous” “Glamorous” mentor looks like when you are done with me!

….. and I love it!

Thank you for being a part of my dream life!  I am not the only coach here, you all give me so much to dream for!  I love you all so much!  I’ll see you all at the top! I have no doubt! 

So much love.

Your mentor ,

Carly ❤

Freedom as an Entrepreneurial Mom

Hey moms~

I was inspired to share this blog post following a few hardships this week as a mama!  I quickly recognized the blessing and the beauty in the freedom I have on so many levels as a mother in business.  Yes, it is true you can experience joy in hardship, if you choose to see it the blessing in it.

Late July I went to my National Convention with my company, New Avon LLC.  It was a whirlwind of amazing experiences, and unforgettable memories.  One moment I was on stage (the biggest stage I’d ever been on, even as a competitive dancer who spent many years on stage) with some major industry experts.  What a huge honor.

38391849_1905152766174416_6715812379596161024_n (1).jpg


The next minute I was in a huge audience graced with thousands of brilliant business owners.


Then shaking hands and speaking with Barbara Corcoran, or taking selfies and chatting backstage with Rascall Flatts!


Then backstage with the fashion models before we took the stage, modeling the new Holiday line up!


Honestly, there were so many incredible experiences I could never share them all.

My point in sharing this with you is to illustrate the true life of a mother as an entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry! 

After so much inspiration and excitement, I drove 9 hours home.

When I arrived home everyone was waiting for me, at yes midnight.  Gabriel, my 6 year old, Elijah, my 2 year old, and my husband, Justin.  We exchanged many hugs and kisses, and all went to bed.  The next morning we were at the doctor with Elijah, who had turned very ill.

Long story short…. I was bandaging and re bandaging day in and day out with a 2 year old.  I accentuate 2 year old here because if you’ve ever dealt with bandaging or bathing a two year old…. it is quite eventful, similar to wrestling a head strong goat.  LOL Trying to keep him from reopening the bandage and making the situation worse…. good luck reasoning with a 2 year old who doesn’t understand, its best to let it be…..

This went on for about two weeks, administering medicine religiously throughout the day!

Meanwhile, my 6 year old had to stay overnight in the children’s hospital for further testing, with my husband.  So of course we are running around at the wee hours of the day and night.

Among all this….. still doing 1:! with my team, group meetings, sales events, customer outreach, and deliveries, management of all social media platforms, marketing, and advertising, etc..

Let’s not even discuss, the laundry, grocery situation, meals, extra curricular activities, my husbands schedule, the two dogs (1 being a puppy still training), and definitely let’s not talk about the overall state of the house!  Wait did I even mention self care?  Did I even shower those two weeks?  Hmmm it’s a blur!

With so much turmoil going on around me I remember sitting on my front porch late one night with a glass of white wine just trying to breath.  That is when I realized how blessed I truly was.

I reflected on a time when I was driving 6 hours to, and 6 hours from every week into Manhattan for a career I loved so much, it was a dream of mine, but sobbing as I drove away every Sunday night. I thought, what if I was still in that role, who would have nursed Elijah back to health and ran Gabriel back and forth to all his highly important appointments?  What would I have done?  Would my boss allow me the time?  Could I have juggled this with work?  Would I have been fired?  Will this effect my performance bonus?  Which in turn would have effected my family?  How would I have gotten through this had I not had my own home based business?

I am so blessed to have the freedom in my business and personal life to manage my own business around what matters most to me, my family.  I can have setbacks in business, but certainly that is easier to swallow than hardships in my family that I would have been unable to tend to working for someone else.

I remember making one of the hardest decisions of my life, walking away from my so loved career, to take a leap of faith and build my own empire.  Although I was scared, although I was nervous, I truly never had doubt.

I chose my faith over my fear, and remembered the strongest girl I know, me.  I remembered what I was capable of, and I WENT FOR IT.

So the images below illustrate the rue mama working her business from home, that same dolled up model you saw grace the stage…. LOL #hotmess

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The Relationships Built In Network Marketing

I was so inspired today I had to write this post…

#Networkmarketing is not solely about selling a product….

Days like today and so many are about creating and nurturing #genuinerelationships. It’s about genuinely caring about the person in front of you and finding out who they are, what motivates them, what their passions are, what makes them tick, what their favorite things in life are, and and so much more. It is a #relationship business, It is not about lipstick 💄

The sales will come once the relationships are formed…..

If it wasn’t for my business, and independent #AvonRepresentative none of what I am about to share with you would be possible.

Here in #bermuda I met some amazing #women and men in my #business that I would never have met without being in this business.

By taking a genuine interest in the women I spent time with today I learned the following.

From left to right:

My sweet friend Ann Fritz is an amazing mother of twins! A boy and a girl and her absolute best friend of twenty years brought her into this business. Anne has achieved so much in life and in her business! She is also clearly more coordinated and athletic than any of us! #supermom

Tara L Erwin-Grna is truly One of the kindest women I have ever met! We shared some amazing stories that I will forever carry with me! What an amazing, strong, resilient person you are Tara! She is a #Zumba instructor, and always lights up the room!

Natasha Lightner is the worlds tiniest dynamite…. She is a tough little lady, and one heck of a business women! I found out she has a soft side lol she is as warm as they come…..She also has two beautiful boys just like me!

Then there’s me …. which you all know 😁

What we share In common is that we all came from #corporate America. We are women, friends, mothers, wives and #entrepreneurs trying to build our own #empire.

We love the #freedom and #independence our business has given us!

My favorite part of these photos….. they show #sisterhood, unity, and above all leadership.

Leadership is not a title, it’s not how much money you make or how many trophies 🏆 you have #leadership is a way of life, and who you are from the inside out.

We must always be cognoscente of how we impact those we encounter.

Be #happy, be #proud for others when they are winning, and lift them up when they are down. #Empower those that can’t seem to find the #potential you so vividly see in them. #Inspire those that are stuck. Role model #strength when people and things come in their path……

Be kind, be #constructive, be just enough tough and gentle to drive #momentum. Light the fire 🔥 within them not under them…..#Lead…….


#cruiselikeaboss #avon #avonrepresentatives

Independent Mama

Feeling very #accomplished tonight! I always remind myself I’ve already won….. no matter what #blessings come my way…. my goal was to stay #home with my #children and build a home based #business I could call all our own! I did that the day I decided to take the leap and leave my corporate job to be an independent #Avon #Representative

31732309_10214174486429234_8066549619611402240_o (1).jpg

#avonrepresentatives #avonrep  #cruiselikeaboss #Bermuda

Cruisin’ Like a Mom Boss


The road isn’t easy….. but it’s worth it…. I think back on many of my hardest obstacles SO FAR IN LIFE… which I’ve illustrated some in my blog… www.beautifulleapoffaith.com ..now I know I’m only 30 and there is many more to come in my #blessed time here on this earth 🌏 and honestly I look forward to even the hard times…. because what’s come out of each experience good or bad is growth…. I think back on my most #influential moments like giving birth to my two little angels…. Gabriel and Elijah….. was it easy having two babies naturally lol … NO …. but look what I’ve gained. My children are my entire world…. not only did I experience a Love I never imagined I become the best version of myself and now here I am …. on a cruise in Bermuda…. was never in my field of vision…. on a simple decision I made to stay home with my babies I’ve never missed first, first words, or any important milestone with my babies….. that so many unfortunately don’t get to experience….. was it easy? Is it easy? NO …. but it’s worth it! The road to #success isn’t suppose to be easy…. if it was easy there would be no growth…. there would be nothing to work for… 



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