Best Winter Skin Care and Protectant for your Beautiful Face!

Hi friends!

This chilly, unforgiving winter weather inspired me to write this beauty and skin care tip post for each of you!

So share with me…..What’s the temperature ❄️  where you are?  Here in upstate New York it has been bone chilling, negative degrees.  A wind chill of even -30!  Can you believe it!  Where are all of my readers from?

I can not stress the importance of skin care especially battling these type of weather conditions! One of my favorites, especially for sensitive skin and super dry skin types, is Avon Anew Clinical Skinvincible!


Protect your skin from these bone chilling winter months friends! The winter is worse on your skin in most cases than the summer! A great moisturizer 🧴 for the freezing, dry and cracking winter 🥶 months is Avon Anew skinvincible deep recovery cream ❄️ it’s SPF 50 and protects from environmental damages like wind, pollutants, and sun ☀️ it’s Smart Repair Technology means this night cream was designed to counter the effects of aging by fixing damage accumulated throughout the years from the environment! 🤸‍♀️see link below for details! 

Check out this life skin saving moisturizer and protector HERE!


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Avon Moisture Therapy In-Shower Body Lotion

Yes the title is correct!  In #shower #body #lotion!  I too was a little skeptical thinking….. how will it absorb?  Will it #wash off?  Will it towel off?

So instead of #speculating I tried it and thank goodness I did, I’ve never #slept better!  My skin felt like #satin against my sheets!  Absolutely love the time save, and ease of the product.  Keep it in the shower and use after your #Avon #Skin So Soft shower gel, and before getting out to dry off!  Yes IN THE SHOWER on wet skin!  It will work!  In fact that is how you are suppose to use it!!

Absolutely a favorite and addition to my #daily care routine! My skin is so impressed!

Check it out at the direct link below!

Read about and Purchase the Avon In Shower Body Lotion at this link!

in shower.PNG

Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System

I absolutely love the Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System! As an #entrepreneur#wife and busy #mother of two little boys, I often look and feel extremely #tired. With so much on my plate, I never get a full night #sleep#naturally my skin reflects this busy #lifestyle. My eyes certainly don’t lie! Before using the Eye Lift Pro System it seemed I was always fighting dark under eye circles, and puffiness. Thankfully, the Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System, has brightened the overall look around my eyes, giving me a rested, weightless, younger looking glow. Whats-more, the #Anew #Clinical #Eyelift #Pro Dual #EyeSystem pairs wonderfully with my sensitive #skin!

What is even better … it is on sales for only $19.99 this campaign and 10% off that on my site with code WELCOME10 and #FREESHIPPING on orders of $40 or more!


Eyes need a lift? See a dramatic lift in 7 days. With upper eye/brow bone gel and under-eye cream, eyes feel tighter and lifted, and under-eye shadows are visibly reduced. Formulated with injectable-grade arginine* and other skin tightening ingredients. 0.66 total fl. oz.
BENEFITS • Makes eyelids feel weightless and younger
• Keeps eyes looking wide awake
• Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and the look of eyelid sagging
• Reshapes the contours of the eye area
• Upper Eye and Brow Bone Gel: Infused with Injectable-grade arginine* and firming Polymer • Hypoallergenic • Suitable for sensitive skin • Allergy-tested, dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested

• Twice daily, apply gel to eyelid and brow bone area; apply cream to under eye area, including upper cheekbone. *This is a cosmetic product for external use only. Follow usage instructions on product packaging.

Made in USA